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Scentchips Touch Lamp Warmer - Silver Branches

Scentchips Touch Lamp Warmer - Silver Branches

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Branches silver touch Lantern

Feather silver touch Lantern in clear sports a heavy, touch-sensitive base, which controls 3 levels of intensity: Low, Medium, and High, allowing you to customize the intensity of fragrance. 

Made of durable white metal and glass.

Includes 1x Halogen Bulb

Important points to remember for Touch Warmers

Halogen Bulbs aee 30 Watt bulbs and are only availavle from Scentchip Stockists. Any other bulb will blow the warmer and null and void warranty.

Inserts are consummables and will brown with constant high heat and are not covered under warranty. Replacements are available for purchase and are very easy to change. They have a heat retardant in them so will not set fire. We recommend high setting until wax melts and then dropping to either medium or low to prolong life of fragrance and warmer.


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