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Teeny Turner Multi-Screwdriver

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The smallest compact mini stubby for really tight spots or general light duty work; the “Teeny” is perfect for servicing eyeglasses, watches, toys and electronics. With its impact resistant plastic handle its small enough for children, yet tough enough for job sites. Along with its bright and fun colours, which appeal to the younger generation, it is fast becoming the most sought-after Picquic with the smallest price tag.

Loaded to fit the most common screws and tiniest tasks, the bits are ideal for ‘quic’ fixes to today’s shrinking technology.  


- 1" length (slim) 3/16" Hex Bits

- Powerful internal magnet to hold bits firmly

Teeny Turner™ 8-Piece Multi-Bit Mini-Driver Kit

7 bits in 1 mini multi-driver

Solid, comfortable handle with no moving parts to rattle or break

Efficient bit storage system so you don't lose bits

Pocket-size micro-driver is perfect for using on tiny screws in eyeglasses, smart phones, battery compartments, remote-control toys, and more



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