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nil Organic Reusable Produce Bags

nil Organic Reusable Produce Bags

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Comes in a set of 3 produce bags. Two large mesh bags plus a medium sized one in our unique nil fabric design.

Stop wasting plastic and start using our eco-friendly reusable grocery produce bags now! These bags are washable, durable, foldable and reusable for grocery and storage. They work great for grocery shopping, toy storage, hobby supplies, travel, garden harvest, beach trips, office supplies, camping trips, road trips, snacks, crafts, picnics. 


100% organic fair trade cotton eco bags.

Ethically made in New Zealand

Great for produce, vegetable, fruit, cans and frozen food.

The reusable shopping bags are perfect as grocery bags, produce bags, beach bags, and toy bags.

The organic mesh fabric drys easily.

Approx. Sizes - 31cm x 40cm large, 25cm x 30cm medium (the mesh bags are stretchy and sizes can therefore vary slightly)